if you have been told you need a deep cleaning as opposed to a regular cleaning your dental health care provider has seen signs of gum disease.  this disease is a silent and painless disease of the gums and bone that holds your teeth in the mouth.  it first starts with inflamation and infection in the gum tissue and then progresses into the bone structure.  this infection is a result of bacteria left between the teeth and under the gum tissue where your tooth brush does not reach.  its a slow and painless disease so often you are not aware of this problem until its too late.  it causes bleeding gums, bad breath, and eventually loose teeth.  the treatment for this disease in the initial stages is scaling and root planning or commonly known as "deep cleanining." this procedure is done to remove the calcified bacteria from the root area.  its usually preformed with local anesthesia to ensure your comfort.  once the bacteria is removed with your daily flossing and brushing and regular maintenance cleanings with your dentist we generally can control this disease. however, occasionally the bone distruction is too far advanced, and you may need to be seen by a gum disease specialist "periodontist" for further treatment.  its always easier to catch and treat gum disease in its early stages.  so, visit your dentist regularly to ensure a lifetime of healthy gums and smile.

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